A warm welcome to my photography portfolio website. Here I have put up my personal favourite images amongst all the images I have created so far.
Eversince I started digital photography various resources on the internet, tips from my friends and on-field experience have been helping me learn the various aspects of photography.

There was always an avid enthusiasm for nature & wildlife in me since my childhood. I loved painting and sketching in my school days which has probably helped me in grasping the basic aspects of photography. I still do sketching whenever I get the feel. My family has always inspired me in pursuing photography as a hobby. Needless to say - photography has become a passion now.

I shoot with Canon gears and have a great respect for Nikon and Sony :-) I have a strong focus to achieve the intended results in-camera. Whenever required, I use various filters to achieve the effect I "visualise". Sometimes I do enhance my images in digital post processing. The amount of processing varies from image to image but most of the time it is restricted within level adjustment, colour cast correction, noise removal, sharpening or highlight-shadow adjustment.

I hope you will have a good time browsing through the images in this site. Your suggestions /comments / criticism / compliments will help me improve. Request you to leave your feedback in the Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by!

Santanu Banik
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